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cliquez ici pour lire Our team is having the experience and knowledge to derive and discuss the ideal door type based on the application.

https://www.neoliving.fr/34179-dtf16930-rencontre-france-belgique.html A simple example is that the same door for an entrance of a garment store will have a different hardware detail to a sweet shop even though the size, traffic and look is the same just for the simple reason that the floor of the sweet shop needs to be washed on a daily basis so the floor hinge has to be water resistant.

Similarly, in an automobile showroom, maybe on a highway, the floor hinge for the same size glass door used on the showroom entrance will be different to that of the managers cabin inside because the front door is subject to an external wind pressure which is not the case of the inside door

So, getting the right hardware for door is very important for a long term functioning door.