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Sliding Windows

The most important aspect of any door, kitchen, wardrobe is the use of the correct hardware. The best of interiors can fail if the door through which we enter does not function well. Similar, is the case of furniture hardware.  While choosing any hardware it’s important to understand its functionality. At Door Bhai,  we choose the hardware we offer to our clients on the basis of their certifications,  functionality and aesthetics. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows provide a better air tight seal and better sound insultion as compared to sliding windows. It minimizes leakage in the fenestration & improves temperature regulation from inside out and outside in. In hot and humid regions where temperature rises to a smothering 45°C in summer, It reduces the cooling loss through windows/doors, helping in standard use of the air conditioner and maintaining the temperature and avoiding overload and repetitive use of cooling system.

Movable Louvers Windows

Windows with fixed opening shutters, with options of partial or total adjustable and openable louvers can be manufactured on requirement. Openable louvers are provided with opening adjusters with gives freedom of deciding the amount of ventilation/light required.

Integrated Blinds

Integrated Venetian Blind is an innovative integrated system of blinds, which is assembled and permanently sealed within double-glazed window units. Once it is sealed, it does not require any kind of cleaning and looks perpetually new. It increases energy efficiency of the area and is an ideal protection from any physical damage.

Sky Light

Sky Lights are the epitome of Unique Systems that we engineer at WAW.      WAW skylights not only increases the perceived height of the structure without any civil alterations, which is the best low-cost alternative than raising the whole roof, but also is the gateway to the endless the sky above, be it sunshine, dark clouds that pour rain or the pink/yellow sky during golden hours. The insulated blinds which operates through remote control enhances the functionality of the Sky Light.

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