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Electronic Locks

Technology and the ease of use for anything and everything by the millennials have given way to Electronically operated Locks. These locks can be operated using Codes, Passcodes, Biometrics and even by Mobile application. The locks can be software enabled for hotels, home or office etc use.

Hotel Locks

High Quality RFID Hotel Lock Solutions for all segments which are compatible with most of the Hotel Management System these locks are clubbed with an efficient service setup to ensure a trouble free operation.

Digital Locks

A cloud based solution enables operating locks from just anywhere by the click of a key.These locks are available for External and Internal doors.

Electronic Furniture Locks

These are excellent solutions and do away the botheration of hiding or carrying the key of the drawer which might be in the office, bedroom, wardrobe or even a kitchen. Operated with a code, card or a simple finger these locks make life simple and hassle free.

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