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Fire Rated Solutions

Fire is the worst nightmare dream that can happen to any urban construction. Preparation and precautions are essential to ensure safety during any mishap. We have partnered with the best brand to provide solutions that can help curtail such a calamity. 

Fire Door

We offer a complete turnkey solution for CBRI Rated Metal Fire Doors for commercial projects. These doors come with 120 minutes Fire Ratings conforming to the building codes as required. Along with the Doors, we also offer fire-rated hardware for doors too which can be used for fire door made of Wood+Glass

Fire Rated Partitions

These doors, made from galvanised and SS sheets, have a specific standard of hygiene and functionality for clean room areas in commercial establishments. These clean room doors are the ideal choice for Pharmaceutical Setup, Food Processing, Hospitals, Computer Server Rooms, R&D Labs, Semiconductor and Electronic Industries.

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