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Hana Demountable Systems

A glass solution system, which can be easily fabricated at site, available in different finishes, with a wide range of hardware complimenting it, HANA changes the way partitions stand. The sleek system enables easy removable of the same when required, giving full flexibility to the client in case of changes. The range includes Partitions with Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Self Closing Doors and now also for Shower Cubicles.

HANA Sliding Solutions

The Sleek Minimal Sliding System under the HANA umbrella can find place in any modern interior. These Systems operate of a self supporting system enabling the profile size to be minimalistic. A sleek profile can be installed in the peripheries of the sliding doors also to add to the systems concept. A part from the Minimal, Self Closing Sliding Systems ideal for offices and conference rooms, where the door closes on its own when one slides it open.

HANA Shower Partitions

Availble in Anodized and Black Matt, this shower cubicle concept has a sleek frame around the shower cubicle not only enhancing the character but also its strength. Available in both in line 180 degree solution and 90 degree solution, the shower cubicle ensures water tightness enabling perfect partitioning of the dry and wet areas.

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