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Hardware Solutions

The most important aspect of any door, kitchen, wardrobe is the use of the correct hardware. The best of interiors can fail if the door through which we enter does not function well. Similar, is the case of furniture hardware.  While choosing any hardware it’s important to understand its functionality. At Door Bhai,  we choose the hardware we offer to our clients on the basis of their certifications,  functionality and aesthetics. 


Door Hardware

Our expert ironmongers can design a hardware schedule based on our clients’s requirements ensuring that the hardware installed is long lasting and functionally perfect. We offer wide range of Hardware: Locks, Handles, Hinges, Door closer, Floor spring, etc. We also offer a complete range of hardware for Wooden Sliding Doors & Sliding Folding Systems.

Furniture Hardware

Ergonomic and functional hardware which is robust and can withstand the day to day use and abuse to it,  which is the key for any furniture. With new innovations being introduced on regular basis, the range is expanding enabling it to be a one stop for all hardware requirements in any type of furniture. Our tag line is very simple ‘Hum Sab Sambhal Lenge’ 

Kitchen Hardware

A wide range of drawer management systems with both standard sliders which can be soft close or push open, made in 304 grade stainless steel, along with undermount supported meta boxes enable a complete range of hardware for all kitchen drawer solutions. Similarly space management systems like Magic Corners, S Carousals, Tall Units and Drawer Lift ups, enable perfect enhancement to the kitchens efficiency and the O factor to it.

Wardrobe Hardware

With limitation of space in most living spaces, Sliding Wardrobes find place in every house. However, the sliding system is required to not only be functional but the liking of the user towards it movement. A range of both top hung, bottom wheeled sliding systems, the range gets completed with the latest In line sliding System, where all shutters come on the same level.

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